Cultures for Ecotoxicity and Biocide Testing


CCAP provides a number of algal strains that are routinely used in ecotoxicity testing. As large stocks of all the below strains are maintained, cultures will normally be available for despatch on the Monday following confirmation of an order.


  • Chlorella vulgaris CCAP 211/11B =SAG 211-11b; =UTEX 259; recommended in directive 87/302/EEC
  • Chlorella vulgaris fo. viridis CCAP 211/12 =SAG 211-12; =UTEX 30; =ATCC 16487
  • Raphidocelis subcapitata CCAP 278/4 =SAG 61.81 Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata; =UTEX 1648; =ATCC 22662; formerly listed as Selenastrum capricornutum; recommended in guidelines OECD 201 and 87/302/EEC
  • Desmodesmus subspicatus CCAP 276/20 recommended for ecotoxicity testing; formerly called Scenedesmus subspicatus


  • Phaeodactylum tricornutum CCAP 1052/1A
  • Skeletonema grethae CCAP 1077/3 formerly listed as Skeletonema costatum; this strain contains bacteria
  • Skeletonema marinoi CCAP 1077/5 =CCMP 1332; formerly listed as
  • Skeletonema costatum; this strain contains bacteria

Biocide Testing

CCAP provides a number of strains for biocide testing, including those listed below. These strains can normally be supplied at 3-4 weeks notice. These strains are not axenic.

  • Chlorella emersonii var. globosa CCAP 211/8C
  • Nostoc commune CCAP 1453/24; CCAP 1453/29
  • Pleurococcus sp. CCAP 464/1
  • Stichococcus bacillaris CCAP 379/1A
  • Trentepohlia odorata CCAP 483/4