Algaculture for Biotechnology Online Training Course

*** 6th January 2022: This course is now fully subscribed. If you would like to be added to our waiting list in case of cancellations, please email ***

With continuing Covid19 constraints, we will once again be delivering our annual CCAP CPD course online, via MS Teams. The course is aimed at students, technicians, early career researchers, industry professionals and algae enthusiasts. You are invited to register for this unique course comprising:

Short lectures from our SAMS experts and External speakers on:

  • Algal Biodiversity & Taxonomy
  • Nutrition
  • Photosynthesis
  • Microalgae Biotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Molecular Phycology and Bioinformatics
  • Large scale microalgal culture
  • Metabolomics

Practical Demonstrations by our technical experts on:

  • Growth media preparation
  • Strain Isolation
  • Sub-culturing
  • Enumeration
  • Cryopreservation
  • CCAP’s algal scale up facility (CCAP-ARIES)

Opportunities for discussion, questions and networking will be timetabled.

Please note that this course will focus on microalgae. CCAP’s host institute, the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) has recently gained funding to open a Seaweed Academy, which will offer training in macroalgae and the seaweed industry, in collaboration with CCAP, in the future.

Feedback from the online Algaculture for Biotechnology course run in February 2021:

I found it very beneficial to gain exposure to different parts of algal research and how the research are driving development in the industry.

I personally mostly enjoyed the mixture of talks from the field of research and the hands-on videos. It was a really good mixture. I could not decide which lecture was the most interesting, the mixture was just really good!

This training is being financially supported by the British Phycological Society (BPS) and Algae-UK, however, a fee of £50 to cover costs will be charged.

Spaces will be limited, so please apply by 14th of January 2022. To apply please email Please include the following applicant information:

  • Your name
  • Current position & place of work/learning
  • A short paragraph (200 words max) which highlights your research interest and motivation for applying to the course
  • Please highlight if you are a member of the British Phycological Society

Upon confirmation that you have been selected to join the course, you will be contacted with details for payment.

BPS Support: We are delighted to announce support from the British Phycological Society. They have agreed to cover some of the participant attendance fees. The CCAP team will make a decision based upon the applicant information provided. If successfully selected, the BPS will refund your course fee directly.

Algae-UK Support: We thank Algae-UK for their contribution towards the running costs of this course.

New CCAP Delivery Manager

New CCAP Delivery Manager

Starting in September 2021, we welcome Dr Michael (Mikey) Ross to the CCAP team as Delivery Manager. Mikey is a phycologist with an interest in all things algae. To date, he has cultivated algae for a variety of purposes including aquaculture feed, bioenergy, bioremediation of nutrients and heavy metals, CO2 sequestration, and for the production of high-value compounds. Mikey’s main role within CCAP will be to manage and authorise the CCAP budget and ensure delivery of contracts and reporting; he also will have overall responsibility for the new CCAP-ARIES facility.

As well as his role in CCAP, Mikey is also a Senior Researcher in Algal Biotechnology within SAMS and is working on several algae projects.

Christine Campbell retires after 35 years

Christine Campbell retires after 35 years

The end of an era; Christine Campbell MBE retired today after 35 years working for CCAP and SAMS, from curator to CCAP Head of Facility. Christine has been awarded a SAMS Honorary Fellowship in recognition of her contribution and so will not be leaving entirely!

Among gifts from CCAP colleagues was a framed picture of three algal strains Christine isolated herself, one collected from her garden pond – a source of several CCAP freshwater strains!

We wish Christine a long and happy retirement, she will be missed.

See also: Algae scientist retires after 35 years at SAMS

New CCAP Website

New CCAP Website

Welcome to CCAP’s new website and webshop. This new site should be fully responsive and viewable on all sizes of screen and has a new shop which allows us to expand our range of products and payment options. If you have any problems navigating the site or spot any errors or glitches please contact us on



CCAP-ARIES: services available

CCAP – ARIES: Algae Research, Innovation and Environmental Science Centre

Algal biotechnology is an exciting field of applied phycology and CCAP is extending its services to accommodate this growing area. In 2021 we will be expanding our service with a new facility for users. The Algal Research, Innovation and Environmental Science Centre (ARIES) will offer new analytical capability with the capacity to grow and harvest 100s of litres of culture and carry out metabolomic and genomic analyses.

For more information visit our ARIES webpage

We also won funding to continue and develop work on the CCAP Bioinformatics Gateway for Algal and Protistan Genomics.

New Papers

New Papers

CCAP has five recent publications covering the systematics and ecology of Coleps and Ulvophyceae; exploring the chemical diversity of macro- and microalgae; the patenting of mcicroalgae and cryopreservation of the blastocladialean pathogen Paraphysoderma:

  • Darienko T, Rad-Menéndez C, Campbell CN & Pröschold T (2021) Molecular phylogeny of unicellular marine coccoid green algae revealed new insights into the systematics of the Ulvophyceae (Chlorophyta). Microorganisms, 9(8):1586. DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms9081586
  • Pröschold T, Rieser D, Darienko T, Nachbaur L, Kammerlander B, Qian K, Pitsch G, Bruni E, Qu Z, Forster D, Rad-Menéndez C, Posch T, Stoeck T & Sonntag B (2021) An integrative approach sheds new light onto the systematics and ecology of the widespread ciliate genus Coleps (Ciliophora, Prostomatea). Scientific Reports, 11:5916. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-84265-y
  • Hughes AH, Magot F, Tawfike A, Rad-Menéndez C, Thomas N, Young LC, Stucchi L, Carettoni D, Stanley MS, Edrada-Ebel R & Duncan KR (2021) Exploring the chemical space of macro- and micro-algae using comparative metabolomics. Microorganisms, 9: 311. DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms9020311
  • Strittmatter M, Rad-Menéndez C & Gachon CMM (2020) Cryopreservation of the parasitic and saprophytic life stages of the blastocladialean pathogen Paraphysoderma sedebokerense infecting the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis and Scenedesmus dimorphus. Phycologia 59(6): 566-570. DOI: 10.1080/00318884.2020.1827825

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