CCAP Terms & Conditions of Culture Supply

Definition of ‘Material’: Any strain (s) of micro-alga, seaweed, cyanobacterium or protozoan organism supplied by CCAP.

CCAP acknowledgement: The recipient shall cite the CCAP strain number(s) in all publications and patent applications that reference the Material and acknowledge CCAP as the source of the Material. The purchaser shall provide CCAP with details of the related publications.

Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD): If the recipient desires to use the Material (or modifications) for defined commercial purpose(s), it is incumbent upon the recipient, in advance of such use and providing that the Country of Origin is a signatory to the CBD, to negotiate in good faith with the depositor or appropriate authority in the Country of Origin, the terms of any benefit sharing in compliance with the CBD.

Nagoya Protocol: Any strains in scope of the Nagoya Protocol will be supplied with all of the necessary documentation and according to an restrictions on use. None of the strains currently available to order online are in scope of the Nagoya Protocol.

Intellectual Property: Nothing in this agreement grants the recipient any rights under any patents, propriety, intellectual property, or other rights with respect to the CCAP strain purchased.

Distribution: The purchaser shall not sell, lend, distribute or otherwise transfer the material supplied except within the same company, institution or research group. This also includes the gratis exchange of materials between named culture collections for accession purposes.

Identification: CCAP is in the process of DNA barcoding the entire collection to review the taxonomy of all our strains. For those strains where we have DNA barcodes we can be reasonably confident of their identity, however for those not yet sequenced we rely on morphology and the original identification, usually made by the depositor. Although CCAP makes every effort to ensure the correct taxonomic identity of strains, we cannot guarantee that a strain is correctly identified at the species, genus or class levels. On this basis users are responsible for confirming the identity of the strain(s) they receive from us on arrival before starting experiments.

Feedback: If cultures arrive in an unsatisfactory condition, they will normally be replaced free of charge if we are notified within 14 days of dispatch, however, we do have to charge for the costs of postage and packaging of resupplied items.

Safe handling: The package should only be opened by appropriately trained persons in suitable laboratory conditions. The recipient should read the hazard data sheets supplied with the strain(s). The recipient should maintain and use the Material with appropriate precautions to minimize any risk of harm to persons, property, and the environment.

Disposal: All cultures, media and containers should be sterilized by autoclaving at 121°C for 15 minutes, or another effective method, before disposal by suitable means.

Data Protection: CCAP/SAMS Ltd. Is the data controller for data collected for the purpose of fulfilling customer orders.

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