Patent Deposits

CCAP is an International Depository Authority (IDA) under the ‘Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedures and Regulations’. Copies of the treaty can be obtained from the World Intellectual Property Organisation, 34 Chemin des Colombettes, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland. As an IDA, CCAP can accept the following organisms:

  • Freshwater and terrestrial algae and cyanobacteria
  • Non-pathogenic free-living protozoa
  • Marine algae and cyanobacteria, other than large seaweeds

Click here to download A Guide to Depositing Microorganisms with the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP) Under the Terms of the Budapest Treaty. This document contains the fee schedule. Updated September 2016.

Procedure for depositing strains

Prospective depositors should NOT send live material to CCAP in the first instance. Deposits must be made by applying first to CCAP Administration for full information and official application and accession forms. On receipt of completed forms CCAP will determine the best method of maintaining the organism and will provide a quote.

Please allow sufficient time for the deposit to be processed. Patent deposits can take from several days to several weeks, depending on the cell type and condition on receipt.

Supply of Cultures to Depositors or Authorized Parties

The depositor, or authorised parties, are able to obtain samples for a fee.