Confidential Deposits

CCAP is willing to accept deposits of valuable strains for confidential safekeeping. In such cases a culture remains the property of the depositor and is available only to the depositor. Confidentially deposited strains are not listed in our publicly available catalogue. For further information on this service and the charges involved, please get in touch.

Prices *

Perpetual (maintenance by serial subculture):

1st year GBP 500.00 Academic or non-profit / GBP 900.00 Commercial.

Subsequent years GBP 250.00 / GBP 450.00 annually.

Cryopreservation in Liquid Nitrogen:

1st year GBP 500.00 / GBP 900.00 GBP.

Subsequent years GBP 100.00 / GBP 100.00 annually.

* These are minimum prices. If the strain has a laborious/expensive culturing/cryopreserving regime, then the price will increase accordingly.

Procedure for depositing strains

Prospective depositors should NOT send live material to CCAP in the first instance. Deposits must be made by applying first to CCAP at the appropriate address which will give advice and/or furnish the relevant forms.

Supply of Cultures to Depositors

Depositors may obtain 1 culture of each strain they have deposited free of charge per calendar year (a charge is made for the shipping cost). Further cultures of the same strain are charged at our standard rates.