Rachel Saxon
CCAP Administrator

Originally from Manchester, I graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in Biological Sciences in 1998 and have worked in various locations, including a summer as a volunteer on Sherkin Island Marine Station in Ireland, before joining CCAP as Admin/Database Assistant in November 2004. My job is to manage all CCAP sales and despatches, maintain the strain holdings data, process strain accessions and patent deposits, keep up to date with relevent legislation, e.g. the Nagoya Protocol, and manage and develop the CCAP database and website. We are currently in the process of developing and expanding the CCAP Knowledgebase for the website, with the aim of collating comprehensive information for each strain in the Collection.

I also contribute to the FSA Phytoplankton Monitoring project at SAMS, allowing me to occasionally escape my desk and microscopically analyse local seawater samples for harmful algal species; and I am part of a team producing HAB risk assessment bulletins for shellfish farmers in Shetland.

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