Joanne Field

Joanne Field
CCAP Support Scientist

I graduated from Napier University with a BSc in Biological Sciences. I joined CCAP in 2007 as a support scientist. I am also the Laboratory manager responsible for day to day running of the CCAP laboratory.

My primary role is the maintenance and subculture of CCAP strains, in particular many phytoplanktonic cultures such as Dinoflagellates, Chrysophytes, Raphidophytes, a range of freshwater and marine protozoan cultures and red algae and seaweeds. I am also responsible for maintenance of all patent strains deposited with CCAP.

I have a particular interest in cryopreservation of micro-organisms and most recently have worked on an ASSEMBLE Plus project on cryopreservation methods for recalcitrant microalgal strains.

In 2012 I joined the team of phytoplankton analysts for the Food Standards Scotland monitoring project for the Scottish Shellfish Farms. I took part in the IOC Training course and certification on Identification of Harmful Marine Algae in 2016 and the International Phytoplankton Intercomparison (IPI) Proficiency testing in 2019.

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