Conor Drysdale

Conor Drysdale
CCAP Support Scientist and ARIES Lab Manager

I joined CCAP in 2021 and support CCAP activities which include the maintenance and subculture of a range of groups of algae and protozoa, updating strain taxonomy, photographs and information. I also assist with DNA extractions for subsequent PCR biobanking, as well as strain cryopreservation.

In addition, I am the CCAP-ARIES Lab Manager, where we focus on the scale-up of algal strains using 70L photobioreactors. I am interested in large-scale algal cultivation to produce valuable bioproducts and applying the best methods to achieve this. I am also interested in commercial applications, such as CO2 sequestration and wastewater treatment.

I have a BSc Marine Biology degree from the University of Stirling and gained valuable fieldwork experience during a semester abroad at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. After graduating, I worked on a project studying the impacts of ocean acidification on mussels and oysters. I’m excited to explore this new field and continue to diversify my skillset.