References [ 3 ]
Day JG (1998) Cryo-conservation of microalgae and cyanobacteria. CryoLetters S1: 7-14.
DOI: none
Muller KM, Cannone JJ & Sheath RG (2005) A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Bangiales (Rhodophyta) and description of a new genus and species, Pseudobangia kaycoleia. Phycologia 44: 146-155.
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DOI: none
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Division/Phylum: Rhodophyta Class: Bangiophyceae Order: Bangiales
Medium: ASW; Bacteria and fungi or other organisms present; maintained by serial subculture and cryopreserved; (use 12.5ml l-1 soil extract)
Authority(C.Agardh) C.Agardh 1824
IsolatorChen (1968)
Collection Sitesandy cove Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Notes Conchocelis phase
Area North America
Country Canada
Environment Marine
Pathogen Not pathogenic: Hazard Class 1
Type Culture No

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