• Bangia atropurpurea
References [ 3 ]
Ciniglia C, Yoon HS, Pollio A, Pinto G & Bhattacharya D (2004) Hidden biodiversity of the extremophilic Cyanidiales red algae. Molcular Ecology 13: 1827-1838.
Yoon HS, Hackett JD & Bhattacharya D (2002) A single origin of the peridinin- and fucoxanthin- containing plastids in dinoflagellates through tertiary endosymbiosis. PNAS 99: 11724-11729.
Yoon HS, Hackett JD, Pinto G & Bhattacharya D (2002) The single, ancient origin of chromist plastids PNAS 99: 15507-15512.
Division/Phylum: Rhodophyta Class: Bangiophyceae Order: Bangiales
Medium: BB:MErds; 8:2 Bacteria and fungi or other organisms present; maintained by serial subculture;
Authority(Roth) C.Agardh 1824
IsolatorOtt (1973)
Collection Site S. Bass Island, Lake Erie, Ohio, USA
Area North America
Country USA
Environment Freshwater
Original Designation No. 0458
Pathogen Not pathogenic: Hazard Class 1
Type Culture No
Equivalent StrainsSAG 33.94,UTEX 2753

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Bangia atropurpurea

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