• Alexandrium ostenfeldii
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Kremp A, Tahvanainen P, Litaker W, Krock B, Suikkanen S, Leaw CP & Tomas C (2014) Phylogenetic relationships, morphological variation, and toxin patterns in the Alexandrium ostenfeldii (Dinophyceae) complex: Implications for species boundaries and identities. Journal of Phycology 50: 81-100.
Division/Phylum: Dinophyta (= Pyrrhophyta) Class: Dinophyceae Order: Gonyaulacales
Medium: L1; Bacteria present; maintained by serial subculture; 15 deg C; lighting: >100 µE/M/sec
Authority(Paulsen) Balech & Tangen 1985
IsolatorBrown (2008)
Collection Site Scalloway, Shetland, Scotland, UK
ArchiveDate 2019-03-25 14:52:37
Notes Noted as producing spirolide toxins when first deposited.
Environment Marine
Original Designation W08/070/01
Pathogen Not pathogenic: Hazard Class 1
Type Culture No

CCAP 1119/45

Alexandrium ostenfeldii

  • Product Code: CCAP 1119/45
  • Availability: Archived
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