References [ 2 ]
Li C, Zhang Y, Xie ZX, He ZP, Lin L & Wang DZ (2013) Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals evolutionary divergence and species-specific peptides in the Alexandrium tamarense complex (Dinophyceae). Journal of Proteomics 86: 85-96.
Zou C, Ye RM, Zheng JW, Luo ZH, Gu HF, Yang WD, Li HY & Liu JS (2014) Molecular phylogeny and PSP toxin profile of the Alexandrium tamarense species complex along the coast of China. Marine Pollution Bulletin 89: 209-219.
Division/Phylum: Dinophyta (= Pyrrhophyta) Class: Dinophyceae Order: Gonyaulacales
Medium: L1; Bacteria present; maintained by serial subculture;
Authority(Lebour) Balech 1995
IsolatorBrown (2007)
Collection Site Scalloway, Shetland, Scotland, UK
Notes Name confirmed March 2013 (ASSEMBLE)
Area Europe
Country UK
Environment Marine
Original Designation W07/112/01
Pathogen Not pathogenic: Hazard Class 1
Type Culture No

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Alexandrium tamarense

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