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Slocombe SP, Zhang QY, Ross M, Anderson A, Thomas NJ, Lapresa A, Rad Menéndez C, Campbell CN, Black KD, Stanley MS & Day JG (2015) Unlocking nature's treasure-chest: Screening for oleaginous algae. Scientific Reports 5: 09844.
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Division/Phylum: Heterokontophyta/Ochrophyta Class: Mediophyceae Order: Eupodiscales
Medium: f/2 + Si; Bacteria present; maintained by serial subculture; 15 deg C; pH 8.0; moderate lighting, 12:12 light:dark cycle
Authority(Bailey) Ashworth & Theriot 2013
IsolatorRad Menendez (2008)
Collection SiteStation C3 Loch Creran, Argyll, Scotland
Notes Identification confirmed March 2013 (ASSEMBLE); The characteristic way in which diatoms reproduce asexually results in the reduction in size of diatom cells at every division and the subsequent loss of morphological characters. This strain is strongly deformed, see images 4 and 5. Name changed May 2019 as per AlgaeBase.
Area Europe
Country UK
Environment Marine
Pathogen Not pathogenic: Hazard Class 1
Type Culture No
Synonyms Biddulphia mobiliensis Grunow (in van Heurck, 1882) , Odontella mobiliensis (Bailey) Grunow 1884
Formerly Listed in CCAP asOdontella mobiliensis

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Trieres mobiliensis

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