• Centronella reicheltii
References [ 1 ]
Theriot EC, Ashworth M, Ruck E, Nakov T & Jansen RK (2010) A preliminary multigene phylogeny of the diatoms (Bacillariophyta): Challenges for future research. Plant Ecology and Evolution 143: 278-296.
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Division/Phylum: Heterokontophyta/Ochrophyta Class: Fragilariophyceae Order: Fragilariales
Medium: DM; Bacteria present; maintained by serial subculture;
AuthorityVoigt 1902
IsolatorMeyer (1998)
Collection Site Plußsee, Germany
Area Europe
Country Germany
Environment Freshwater
Original Designation BM-C 1
Pathogen Not pathogenic: Hazard Class 1
Type Culture No

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Centronella reicheltii

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