Supplied media


The following selected media are supplied in the form of non-sterile stocks. One unit of a medium comprises non-sterile stocks sufficient to make 5 litres of final medium. We recommend that you make up the medium immediately on receipt, sterilise it and then store for use.


The price and conditions for ordering one unit of medium are the same as for ordering one CCAP culture. For details of how to order and a price quotation, refer to how to order


Freshwater Algal Media

  • Diatom Medium (DM)
  • Jaworski's Medium (JM)
  • Modified BB Medium with Vitamins (3N-BBM+V)


Protozoan Media

  • Chalkley's Medium (CH)
  • Modified Chalkley's Medium (MCH)
  • Chapman-Andresen's Modified Pringsheim's Solution (MP)
  • Prescott's & James's Solution (PJ)


Marine Media

  • f/2 Medium (f/2)
  • f/2+sodium metasilicate Medium (f/2+Si)
  • L1 Medium (L1)


Some other media may be available at an individual price on application.
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Catalogue updated: 27 August 2018