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     Strain Information: 946/4

Division/Phylum: Haptophyta/Prymnesiophyta    Class: Prymnesiophyceae
Prymnesium patelliferum Green, Hibberd & Pienaar (1982)
CCAP 946/4
Isolator: Hibberd (1976)
Origin: Brackish; west end of Fleet, Dorset, England
Culture: Medium f/2; Bacteria present; sub
Other: Orig. desig. DH189; Plymouth 527; CCMP709; TYPE CULTURE; formerly listed as Prymnesium patellifera;
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DOI: 10.1111/j.0022-3646.1984.00310.x

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DOI: none

Larsen A & Bryant S (1998) Growth rate and toxicity of Prymnesium parvum and Prymnesium patelliferum (Haptophyta) in response to changes in salinity, light and temperature. Sarsia 83: 409-418.
DOI: none

Edvardsen B, Eikrem W, Throndsen J, Saez AG, Probert I & Medlin LK (2011) Ribosomal DNA phylogenies and a morphological revision provide the basis for a revised taxonomy of the Prymnesiales (Haptophyta) European Journal of Phycology 46: 202-228.
DOI: 10.1080/09670262.2011.594095

L34670 (SSU (18S))
L34671 (SSU (18S))