Strain Information: 806/2

Division/Phylum: Heterokontophyta/Ochrophyta    Class: Xanthophyceae    Order: Mischococcales


Botrydiopsis arhiza Borzí (1895)

CCAP 806/2
Isolator: Pringsheim
Origin: Soil; W. Humble, Dorking, Surrey, England, UK
Culture: Medium PP; Axenic; cryo
Other: UTEX 87; formerly listed as Botrydiopsis arrhiza Borzi;
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References [1]   EMBL Links
Maistro S, Broady PA, Andreoli C & Negrisolo E (2009) Phylogeny and taxonomy of Xanthophyceae (Stramenopiles, Chromalveolata). Protist 160: 412-426.
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2009.02.002

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Catalogue updated: 2 September 2016