Strain Information: 612/19

Division/Phylum: Charophyta    Class: Conjugatophyceae    Order: Desmidiales


Cosmarium blytii Wille (1880)

CCAP 612/19
Isolator: Jaworski (1992)
Origin: Freshwater; pond, Nottingham, England, UK
Culture: Medium 3N-BBM+V; Bacteria present; sub
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References [1]   EMBL Links
Gontcharov AA & Melkonian M (2010) A study of conflict between molecular phylogeny and taxonomy in the Desmidiaceae (Streptophyta, Viridiplantae): Analyses of 291 rbcL sequences. Protist 162: 253-267.
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2010.08.003

AM911290 (Other)
AM920374 (SSU (18S))

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Catalogue updated: 2 September 2016