Strain Information: 276/4A

Division/Phylum: Chlorophyta    Class: Chlorophyceae    Order: Sphaeropleales


Desmodesmus armatus var. subalternans G.M.Smith

CCAP 276/4A
Isolator: Pringsheim
Origin: Freshwater; former Czechoslovakia
Culture: Medium EG:JM; Axenic; cryo
Other: Orig. desig. Prague 1; SAG 276-4a; UTEX 77; ATCC 30429; formerly listed as Scenedesmus pannonicus Hortobagyi, Scenedesmus armatus var. subalternans; syn. Scenedesmus armatus var. subalternans;
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References [3]   EMBL Links
Maberly SC & Spence DHN (1983) Photosynthetic inorganic carbon use by freshwater plants. Journal of Ecology 71: 705-724.
DOI: none

Verschoor AM, van der Stap I, Helmsing NR, Lurling M & van Donk E (2004) Inducible colony formation within the Scenedesmaceae: Adaptive responses to infochemicals from two different herbivore taxa. Journal of Phycology 40: 808-814.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1529-8817.2004.04007.x

Hodac L, Brinkmann N, Mohr KI, Arp G, Hallmann C, Ramm J, Spitzer K & Friedl T (2015) Diversity of microscopic green algae (Chlorophyta) in calcifying biofilms of two karstic streams in Germany. Geomicrobiology Journal 32: 275-290.
DOI: 10.1080/01490451.2013.878418

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