Strain Information: 1960/1

Division/Phylum: Chlorophyta    Class: Nephrophyceae    Order: Nephroselmidales


Nephroselmis rotunda (N.Carter) Fott

CCAP 1960/1
Isolator: Butcher
Origin: Unknown;
Culture: Medium f/2; Bacteria present; sub
Other: Plymouth 210; CCMP550; UTEX 996; reinstated November 2014 from Plymouth Culture Collection.; formerly listed as Bipedinomonas rotunda N.Carter 1937;


References [1]   EMBL Links
Marin B & Melkonian M (2010) Molecular phylogeny and classification of the Mamiellophyceae class. nov. (Chlorophyta) based on sequence comparisons of the nuclear- and plastid-encoded rRNA operons. Protist 161: 304-336.
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2009.10.002

FR865650 ()
FN562434 (SSU (18S))

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Catalogue updated: 22 May 2015