Strain Information: 1959/1

Division/Phylum: Discoba    Class: Heterolobosea


Pleurostomum flabellatum Park et al.

CCAP 1959/1
Isolator: Cho & Park (2003)
Origin: High saline; A solar saltern, 313 psu (practical salinity unit), Seosin, Republic of Korea
Culture: Medium ASW300 + Barley; Bacteria present; sub; 35-40 deg C; add boiled wheat grain


References [2]   EMBL Links
Park JS, Simpson AGB, Lee WJ & Cho BC (2007) Ultrastructure and phylogenetic placement within Heterolobosea of thepreviously unclassified, extremely halophilic heterotrophic flagellate Pleurostomum flabellatum (Ruinen 1938). Protist 158: 397-413.
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2007.03.004

Stevenson A, et al. (2014) Is there a common water-activity limit for the three domains of life? The ISME Journal -: -.
DOI: 10.1038/ismej.2014.219

DQ979962 (SSU (18S))

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