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DOI: none

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FJ469277 (DXR)
FJ469276 (DXS)
FJ469278 (HDS)
EU932917 (ITS)
KJ094632 (ITS)
DQ377085 (ITS1 - ITS2)
AF313431 (ITS2)
FJ469279 (MCS)
DQ080916 (Other)
EG591715 (Other)
EU327876 (Other)
EU327877 (Other)
EU352601 (Other)
FJ040210 (Other)
DQ447648 (SSU (18S))
EF473749 (SSU (18S))
EU239363 (SSU (18S))
EF473741 (SSU (18S) - LSU (28S)

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