Strain Information: 1588/4

Division/Phylum: Discoba    Class: Heterolobosea    Order: Schizopyrenida


Tetramitus aberdonicus (Page) Brown & De Jonckheere (1999)

CCAP 1588/4
Isolator: Darbyshire (1972)
Origin: Soil; garden, Macauley Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Culture: Medium NN; Monoxenic; sub; with E. coli
Other: Orig. desig. 137; TYPE CULTURE; formerly listed as Vahlkampfia aberdonica Page 1974;


References [8]   EMBL Links
Page FC & Blanton RL (1985) The Heterolobosea (Sarcodina: Rhizopoda) a new class uniting the Schizopyrenida and the Acrasidae (Acrasida). Protistologica 21(1): 121-132.
DOI: none

De Jonckheere JF, Brown S, Walochnik J, Aspöck H & Michel R (2005) Morphological investigation of three Tetramitus spp. which are phylogenetically ver closely related: Tetramitus horticolus, Tetramitus russelli n. comb. and Tetramitus pararusselli n. sp. European Journal of Protistology 41: 139-150.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejop.2004.12.001

De Jonckheere JF & Brown S (2005) Isolation of a vahlkampfiid amoeba from a contact lens: Tetramitus ovis (Schmidt, 1913) n. comb. European Journal of Protistology 41: 93-97.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejop.2004.11.006

Murase J, Kawasaki M & De Jonckheere JF (2010) Isolation of a new heterolobosean amoeba from a rice field soil: Vrihiamoeba italica gen. nov., sp. nov. European Journal of Protistology 46: 164-170.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejop.2010.04.002

Brown S & De Jonckheere JF (1994) Identification and phylogenetic relationships of Vahlkampfia spp. (free-living amoebae) by riboprinting Fems Microbiology Letters 115: 241-246.
DOI: none

Garstecki T, Brown S & De Jonckheere JF (2005) Description of Vahlkampfia signyensis n. sp. (Heterolobosea), based on morphological, ultrastructural and molecular characteristics. European Journal of Protistology 41: 119-127.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejop.2005.01.003

De Jonckheere JF & Brown S (2005) The identification of Vahlkampfiid amoebae by ITS sequencing. Protist 156: 89-96.
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2004.11.001

Brown S & De Jonckheere JF (2004) Isolation of a new vahlkampfiid amoeba from soil: Paravahlkampfia lenta n. sp. European Journal of Protistology 40: 289-294.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejop.2004.07.002

AJ698842 (ITS1 - ITS2)
AJ224888 (SSU (18S))

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