Strain Information: 1583/12

Division/Phylum: Amoebozoa    Class: Discosea


Thecamoeba aesculea Kudryavtsev et Hausmann (2009)

CCAP 1583/12
Isolator: Kudryavtsev (2005)
Origin: Plant/Lichen; City centre of Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Culture: Medium (1)NN + PJ; Bacteria present; sub; add wheat grain; subculture once in 1-2 months. After innoculation, keep plates inverted.;(2)PJ; Bacteria present; sub; add wheat grain
Other: TYPE CULTURE; culture at room temperature, no special lighting needed.;


References [1]   EMBL Links
Kudryavtsev A & Hausmann K (2009) Thecamoeba aesculea n. sp. (Amoebazoa, Thecamoebidae), a terrestrial amoeba with affinities to Th. sphaeronucleolus (Greef, 1891). Acta Protozoologica 48: 91-96.
DOI: none

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Catalogue updated: 28 September 2016