Strain Information: 1534/9

Division/Phylum: Amoebozoa    Class: Tubulinea


Hartmannella abertawensis Page (1980)

CCAP 1534/9
Isolator: Page (1975)
Origin: Marine; Swansea Beach, Traeth Abertawe, Bristol Channel, Wales, UK
Culture: Medium MY75S; Bacteria present; sub
Other: Orig. desig. 187; TYPE CULTURE; image 1 by Alexey Smirnov, St. Petersburg University;


References [4]   EMBL Links
Kuiper MW, Valster RM, Wullings BA, Boonstra H, Smidt H & van der Kooij D (2006) Quantitative detection of the free-living amoeba Hartmannella vermiformis in surface water by using real-time PCR. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72: 5750-5756.
DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00085-06

Smirnov AV, Chao E, Nassonova ES & Cavalier-Smith T (2011) A revised classification of naked lobose amoebae (Amoebozoa: Lobosa). Protist 162: 545-570.
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2011.04.004

Cavalier-Smith T, Fiore-Donno AM, Chao E, Kudryavtsev A, Berney C, Snell EA & Lewis R (2014) Multigene phylogeny resolves deep branching of Amoebozoa Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution -: -.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2014.08.011

Steenkamp ET, Wright J & Baldauf SL (2006) The protistan origins of animals and fungi. Molecular Biology and Evolution 23: 93-106.
DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msj011

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