Strain Information: 1518/15

Division/Phylum: Discoba    Class: Heterolobosea    Order: Schizopyrenida


Naegleria clarki De Jonckheere (1994)

CCAP 1518/15
Isolator: Jamieson
Origin: Freshwater; hot spring, Rotorua, New Zealand
Culture: Medium MC; Axenic; cryo
Other: Orig. desig. RU42; TYPE CULTURE;


References [2]   EMBL Links
De Jonckheere JF (1988) Geographic origin and spread of pathogenic Naegleria fowleri deduced from restriction enzyme patterns of repeated DNA. BioSystems 21: 269-275.
DOI: none

Ovrutsky AR, Chan ED, Kartalija M, Bai X, Jackson M, Gibbs S, Falkinham III JO, Iseman MD, Reynolds PR, McDonnell G & Thomas V (2013) Cooccurrence of free-living amoebae and nontuberculous mycobacteria in hospital water networks, and preferential growth of Mycobacterium avium in Acanthamoeba lenticulata. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79: 3185-3192.
DOI: 10.1128/AEM.03823-12

AM167889 (ITS1 - ITS2)

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