Strain Information: 1446/5

Division/Phylum: Cyanophyta    Class: Cyanophyceae    Order: Oscillatoriales


Lyngbya sp.

CCAP 1446/5
Isolator: Butcher
Origin: Marine; sea off Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, UK
Culture: Medium ASW:BG; Bacteria present; sub + cryo
Other: Orig. desig. SFLO4.BC 34/5;
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References [2]   EMBL Links
Reed RH, Richardson DL, Warr SRC & Stewart WDP (1984) Carbohydrate accumulation and osmotic stress in cyanobacteria. Journal of General Microbiology 130: 1-4.
DOI: none

Cockell CS, Rettberg P, Rabbow E & Olsson-Francis K (2011) Exposure of phototrophs to 548 days in low Earth orbit: Microbial selection pressures in outer space and on early earth. The ISME Journal 5: 1671-1682.
DOI: 10.1038/ismej.2011.46

AY768460 (Other)
AY768461 (Other)
AY768506 (Other)
AY768405 (SSU (16S))
AY768385 (SSU (16S) - LSU (23S)

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Catalogue updated: 2 September 2016