Strain Information: 1446/4

Division/Phylum: Cyanophyta    Class: Cyanophyceae    Order: Oscillatoriales


Lyngbya majuscula (Dillwyn) Harvey ex Gomont (1892)

CCAP 1446/4
Isolator: George (1953)
Origin: Brackish; ditch, nr. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Culture: Medium ASW:BG; Bacteria and fungi or other organisms present; sub + cryo


References [19]   EMBL Links
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EF450831 ()
EF450832 ()
EF450833 ()
EF450834 ()
EF450835 ()
AY584516 (LSU (23S))
AF368526 (Other)
AY536041 (Other)
AY536042 (Other)
AY536043 (Other)
AY768413 (Other)
AY768429 (Other)
AY768430 (Other)
AY768489 (Other)
AY768490 (Other)
AY768491 (Other)
AY768492 (Other)
AY768493 (Other)
AY768520 (Other)
DQ078751 (Other)
EF392705 (Other)
EF392706 (Other)
EF392707 (Other)
EF392708 (Other)
AF368300 (SSU (16S))
AY768394 (SSU (16S))
HQ419207 (SSU (16S))
AY768384 (SSU (16S) - LSU (23S)

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