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     Strain Information: 1324/1


Culture: Medium

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Peters AF & Ellertsdóttir E (1996) New record of the kelp endophyte Laminarionema elsbetiae (Phaeophyceae, Ectocarpales) at Helgoland and its life history in culture. Nova Hedwigia 62: 341-349.
DOI: none

Ellertsdóttir E & Peters AF (1997) High prevalence of infection by endophytic brown algae in populations of Laminaria spp. (Phaeophyceae). Marine Ecology - Progress Series 146: 135-143.
DOI: none

Peters AF & Burkhardt E (1998) Systematic position of the kelp endophyte Laminarionema elsbetiae (Phaeophyceae, Ectocarpales sensu lato) inferred from nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences. Phycologia 37: 114-120.
DOI: none

Peters AF (2003) Molecular identification, taxonomy and distribution of brown algal endophytes, with emphasis on species from Antarctica. In: Chapman ARO, Anderson RJ, Vreeland V & Davison IR (Eds) Proceedings of the 17th International Seaweed Symposium. Oxford University Press, New York : 293-302.
DOI: none

Z98567 (ITS1 - ITS2)
AJ439858 (rbcL)
Z99470 (SSU (18S))
Z99471 (SSU (18S))
Z99472 (SSU (18S))