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     Strain Information: 1224/5Z

Division/Phylum: Euglenophyta/Euglenozoa
Euglena gracilis Klebs (1883)
CCAP 1224/5Z
Isolator: Pringsheim (1950)
Origin: Freshwater;
Culture: Medium EG:JM; Axenic; sub + cryo
Other: SAG 1224-5/25; UTEX 753; IAM E-6; ATCC 12894; UTCC 95; "Z" strain; widely used for bioassay of vitamin B12;

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X70810 (Genome-Plastid)
AJ532426 (Other)
GQ925702 (Other)
GQ925703 (Other)
GQ925704 (Other)
GQ925705 (Other)
GQ925706 (Other)
GQ925707 (Other)
GQ925708 (Other)
GQ925709 (Other)
GQ925711 (Other)
L21903 (Other)
L21904 (Other)
L39772 (Other)