Strain Information: 12/3

Division/Phylum: Chlorophyta    Class: Chlorophyceae    Order: Chlamydomonadales


Chlorogonium euchlorum (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (1838)

CCAP 12/3
Isolator: Mainx (1936)
Origin: Freshwater; Hirschberg, former Czechoslovakia
Culture: Medium 3N-BBM+V; Bacteria present; sub
Other: SAG 12-3;
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References [6]   EMBL Links
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DOI: 10.1007/s00239-002-2338-9

Nakada T & Nozaki H (2007) Re-evaluation of three Chlorogonium (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae) species based on 18S ribosomal RNA gene phylogeny. European Journal of Phycology 42(2): 177-182.
DOI: 10.1080/09670260601145816

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DOI: 10.1111/j.1529-8817.2007.00328.x

Muramoto K, Nakada T, Shitara T, Hara Y & Nozaki H (2010) Re-examination of the snow algal species Chloromonas miwae (Fukushima) Muramoto et al., comb. nov. (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae) from Japan, based on molecular phylogeny and cultured material. European Journal of Phycology 45: 27-37.
DOI: 10.1080/09670260903272607

Nakazawa A, Yamada T & Nozaki H (2004) Taxonomic study of Asterococcus (Chlorophyceae) based on comparative morphology and rbcL gene sequences Phycologia 43: 711-721.
DOI: 10.2216/i0031-8884-43-6-711.1

Nozaki H, Ohta N, Morita E & Watanabe MM (1998) Toward a natural system of species in Chlorogonium (Volvocales, Chlorophyta): A combined analysis of morphological and rbcL gene sequence data. Journal of Phycology 34: 1024-1037.
DOI: none

AB084328 (Other)
AB084369 (Other)
AJ001882 (Other)
AB278604 (SSU (18S))

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