Strain Information: 1102/1

Division/Phylum: Dinophyta (= Pyrrhophyta)    Class: Dinophyceae    Order: Gymnodiniales


Amphidinium carterae Hulburt (1957)

CCAP 1102/1
Isolator: Parke (1954)
Origin: Marine; Brixham Harbour, Devon, England, UK
Culture: Medium L1; Bacteria present; sub
Other: UTEX 1002; Plymouth 127;
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References [5]   EMBL Links
Franklin DJ & Berges JA (2004) Mortality in cultures of the dinoflagellate Amphidinium carterae during culture senescence and darkness. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B 271: 2099-2107.
DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2004.2810

Dodge JD (1963) Chromosome numbers in some marine dinoflagellates. Botanica Marina 5(4): 121-127.
DOI: none

Dodge JD & Crawford RM (1968) Fine structure of the dinoflagellate Amphidinium carteri Hulbert. Protistologica 4(2): 231-242.
DOI: none

Hatton AD & Wilson ST (2007) Particulate dimethylsulphoxide and dimethylsulphoniopropionate in phytoplankton cultures and Scottish coastal waters. Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries 69: 330-340.
DOI: 10.1007/s00027-007-0891-4

Wilson ST (2007) The production of biogenic gases in the marine environment. A Thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Open University -: 319 pp.
DOI: none

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