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CCAP is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and managed by SAMS (The Scottish Association for Marine Science). cience.

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- Article on CCAP and marine microbiology published in NERC's Planet Earth Online


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Upcoming SAMS short courses


Algaculture for Biotechnology

27th-28th October 2015


Debatably the most diverse group of organisms on earth and responsible for the oxygen in every second breath you take; algae are still relatively untapped in terms of biotechnology.  If you’re currently working in algaculture, biotechnology or biofuels, or you require an understanding of the incredible potential of algae and phytoplankton, this two-day course provides a solid introduction for you.

The course is led by Dr John Day; a leading international authority on algal biotechnology.  The curator of CCAP since 1990; he has particular interests in algal biotechnology, biofuels and bioinformatics.   To find out more, visit, email or call 01631 559000.


Introduction to molecular methods for algae research

29th and 30th October 2015

This course introduces you to a variety of molecular methods including DNA extraction, clean-up, DNA sequencing, gene expression and bioinformatic analysis.

Your tutors are all highly experienced scientists at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and/or CCAP (the most diverse collection of its kind in the world, with 3000 strains of marine and freshwater algae, protists and seaweeds).  The course is led by Dr David Green who has extensive experience in molecular ecology and bioinformatic analysis.

To find out more, visit, email or call 01631 559000.


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sgm Resource for Secondary Schools in the UK : algal culture kit for schools

To accompany the experiments CCAP have designed a kit comprising a leaflet with culturing advice and samples of:

  • Pyrocystis lunula CCAP 1131/1

  • Euglena gracilis CCAP 1224/5Z

Stock solutions for 1 litre of:

  • L1 marine medium

  • 3N BBM+V freshwater medium

    Note that we can only supply to UK schools

    Please order at least 3 weeks before required, as the cultures will need a couple of weeks to grow once you receive them. See our Bioluminescent Algae info sheet for details on growing and using Pyrocystis

    Click here to watch a short video of culture 'glowing'.


Purchase from CCAP for £29 plus VAT (incl P&P)

Contact CCAP directly to order or for more information


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